Arm essentials

So honestly I’m not a big fan of accessories. I love sticking to my basic necklace and standard arm candy. However, for anyone out there whether a jewelry fanatic or not, there are two absolute essentials a girl cannot live without. 1. An understated watch which is still adorable and 2. A statement bracelet. My essentials this season are a simple clear Aqua watch from Agatha Paris and my Pandora charm bracelet.


Until next time x


Geeking out

So for anyone that is anyone, you have heard of the amazing shadows by Makeup Geek. Marlena has done the most amazing job creating these beautiful, creamy, heavenly, pigmented… Need I say more. These shadows are amaze balls. Now she has created a range that caters for all, and I mean all, skin tones, personalities, eye colours etc. Now being me, I am obsessed with any shadow that can provide me with a neutral look. I gravitate towards those warm browns that give me that perfect smoked out chocolate look (now that I think about it I like my eyes to look tike a top deck). But in all seriousness, Makeup Geek has brought down an amazing range of neutral, and I’ve decided to narrow them down to my top 8. The perfect 8 which let you create a whole library of eye looks from everyday to glamour.


Now here is my pallet and after several attempts of swatching these bad boys I have come to the conclusion that I can’t swatch (just let me know if you want some swatches).

Okay so I’ll start from the top right and work my way along them.

1. Carbon. Every girl needs a black shadow right? Wrong. Every girl needs this black shadow. I am no joke, 300% sure that I have never seen a blacker black in my life. And I know that sounds intimidating, but when you apply it, it blends like a dream. It’s honestly so amazing to use.

2. Galaxy. Holy smokes. This is the most amazing grey I have ever seen. It is deep and has sparkles and applies like a pressed pigment. It is the perfect shadow to make that night time party smokey eye just pop. It is sooooo pigmented and creamy and when you apply it, rather than looking like a glitter, it turns into this beautiful metallic glow on your eyes. It is the most perfect grey I have ever met (sorry Christian).

3. Cocoa Bear. This is a perfect all rounder colour, perfect to blend into your lower crease to create a nice neutral smokey eyes look. It has the red brown tone which makes it perfect for complimenting any eye colour and skin tone. Also it’s great to use on your lower lash line just to tie your whole eye look together.

4. Frappe. This is amazing. I can’t rave enough about this colour. When used in your lower crease and outer corners just provides the most subtle smokey eye any girl could ask for. Perfect to pair up with a winged liner.

5. Creme Brûlée. Just like the desert, this colour is absolutely delicious. Perfect for just blending into the crease for any look or to throw on when your in a rush to get places. I know we’re all busy. We need this in our lives.

6. Peach Smoothie. I could never have asked for a more perfect transition shade. This is perfect for when your getting a little bid adventurous with colours because it just helps to tie the whole look together and eliminates the possibility of creating any sharp or awkward lines (nobody wants that right).

7. Beaches and Cream. This is my saviour when it comes to blending. I seriously can’t be the only person out there that makes blending mistakes. Its easy, we all do it, we all have a cry and spend a good 10 minutes deciding whether we should start again or not. Honestly, just dab this onto any fluffy blending brush and buff those mistakes away. Me and beaches and cream forever.

and finally…

8. Vanilla Bean. I absolutely adore this shade. This is somewhere between a nude and an off white with a slight shimmer. When places all over the lid through, it just gives you a perfect glow. Its not harsh, it doesn’t make you look like a disco ball, it just makes you radiant. This on the lid blended out with peaches and cream can give you the most easiest day look. I absolutely love it.

So there you go guys, my top 8 ultimate must have Makeup Geek shadows.

Thank you for reading lovers, I’ll be hoping to put up a tutorial using these shades for you soon.

But until then, ciao xx